What Is A Wealth Management Advisor?

Wealth management is no small matter. This sector requires specific know-how and precise knowledge. With a very broad range of investments on offer, investors need to be as analytical and thoughtful as possible. This is not necessarily within the reach of all private individuals. To ensure a profitable investment and financial stability, it is advisable to entrust the management of your assets to a professional. This is where the wealth management advisor comes in. But who is he? And what is his role?

Wealth management advisor, above all advice

A wealth management advisor is a professional whose core business is wealth management. As you will have understood, making one’s wealth grow is far from being simple. Each decision requires several types of reflection and a precise knowledge of legislation. How will the wealth management advisor be useful to you? It is this professional who accompanies you, step by step, in all decision-making and the implementation of an effective and fruitful wealth strategy. His intervention does not stop only on the financial side, as it also concerns :

  • Real estate
  • Taxation
  • Succession
  • Saving
  • The provident scheme
  • The matrimonial regime
  • And even the insurance policies

The advisor is like a guardian angel and takes charge of everything concerning the overall management of your assets. In the event of a problem, he will be able to recommend appropriate and personalised solutions according to your situation and the objective you wish to achieve. This professional does not only work with private individuals. He can also, for example, take charge of a company’s wealth management. To help you achieve this objective, he works in collaboration with several professionals, including: notaries, tax lawyers and even chartered accountants. If necessary, he can also call upon the services of other financial institutions, insurance companies, etc.

What services are offered?

But in concrete terms, what can the asset manager do for you? He puts his expertise in all the necessary fields (both financial and legal/tax) at the service of his clients. Depending on your needs, these services can be offered on several plants:

1.     Wealth diagnosis

As a first step, the wealth management advisor will carry out a complete and personalised audit of your assets. It is on the basis of this diagnosis that he will judge the help you need and the intervention he will be able to make.

2.     Wealth engineering

Heritage engineering is the set of several important steps: heritage analysis, recommendations and long-term support. This service is, in most cases, provided by a professional given the several disciplines involved.

3.     Enhancing the value of the heritage

The wealth management advisor is also able to accurately value your assets. He will thus be able to help you in the preparation of your future retirement and in the possible investments you wish to make.